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I'd Like A Gift With That Wine - Gifts for the Host or Hostess

Holiday party season is in full swing and time & time again, people ask me what to bring the host or hostess.  If you have a close, personal relationship with him or her, bring a proper holiday gift.  I think it's more than appropriate to gift him or her with something he or she can personally enjoy, without having to share with all the guests.  

The more challenging part can be when you're attending a dinner party with a large & diverse group, hosted by someone you wouldn't normally buy a holiday gift for.  A bottle of wine or alcohol is always welcomed, but it will get put in the bar area and lost in the big pile of everyone else's contributions.  While this is an easy and nice gesture, it isn't extraordinary and won't stand out.  

The following gifts will kick your bottle up a notch without breaking the bank.  It's an extra little something that the host or hostess will enjoy and keep as a memorable token.  Pick up a few and keep them in your gift closet to ensure you always show up with something special.  If you don't want to go that route, we've got some other great ideas to spoil your friends and show your appreciation.

Holiday Bottle Stoppers

Pottery Barn's bottle stoppers are classy & timeless.  They come in a wide variety to appeal to any host or hostess and who doesn't love being handed a Pottery Barn gift box? ($10-$20).




Preppy Wine Accessories

Vineyard Vines has taken their signature patterns and created the perfect bow ties to dress up your wine ($12).


Lands' End has modified their signature tote and made it the perfect size for a bottle of wine!  Available for monogramming and in red or navy blue ($15 for single, $25 for double).


Wine Accessories with Character

For a touch of unique flair, gift these homemade wine stoppers from Etsy with characters your host or hostess won't be able to resist ($19).  




To assist in keeping everyone's wine glasses straight, gift these removable decals as a way of bringing personality to the party.  Lips courtesy of Etsy ($12) and mustaches courtesy of Kikkerland ($9).


Trim the Tree With Ornaments

If you're invited to a tree trimming party, it's customary to bring an ornament.  You can bring the host or hostess's initials in these beautiful silver glass ornaments from C. Wonder ($12) or give the gift of beauty with these selections from West Elm ($6).



The Morning After

During the summer, we suggested putting together a Le Pain breakfast basket for the host or hostess to enjoy the next morning, as they try to rid of their champagne hangover.  Read here for details.

Dean & Deluca also have some great options for the host or hostess to enjoy in the morning.  The "Thank You" cookie assortment ($48) and the Coffee Break Gourmet Coffee Break Gift Basket ($50) are both winners.

Hair of the dog?  Make the art of mixing their Sunday brunch cocktail a breeze with these kits from The Modern Cocktail ($8) and Stonewall Kitchen ($10).


Chances are, the host or hostess are going to need some serious relaxation and pampering the day after their big soiree.  Gift these luxurious gifts from Sabon to assist in the process.  We recommend the Vintage Love Gift Set and Gentleman's Touch Gift Set ($27).


If you didn't have a chance to bring something special, you can always send flowers the morning after as a thank you.  And no matter what your plan is, always remember to send a thank you call/text/email the next morning.  When they're up to their elbows in empty beer bottles and dishes, they'll appreciate it! xo

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